Stoevelaar Recycling offers a complete line of Shredders for different applications.

Morbark Wood Hog shredders

The Morbark Wood Hog line consists of industry-quality shredders for processing green waste, mixed wood, waste and other types of waste. With a power range between 275 hp and 1200 hp, the Wood Hog line offers the right solution for every project. The machines are equipped with the Morbark Integrated Control System (MICS) to optimize production capacity and generate maximum efficiency. Equipped with a proven Torque Limiter that guarantees protection against foreign objects, resulting in an efficient production process. The machines are available with a quick switch system from shredder to chipper for even wider deployability. These are just a few of the reasons why Morbark is the largest and most revered name in the shredder world.

Suitable for: ✓ Logwood ✓ Biomass ✓ Green waste

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Hammel shredderS

The HAMMEL-primary shredder is versatile in the shredding of materials, such as waste wood, root stems, green waste, bulky, commercial and domestic waste as well as in the processing of car bodies, tires, aluminum profiles and light metals. Due to its robust and clear design, the HAMMEL-shredder is a reliable working tool.

Each HAMMEL-primary shredder operates with the innovative “2-shaft principle”. The shafts with their interlocking hooks and knives pull in the material directly and shred it efficiently. When the hydraulic final pressure is reached during the shredding process the shafts reverse automatically. Depending on the input material and the requirements of the end product, special shaft configurations exist. Generally, end product sizes between approx. 80 mm and 400 mm are possible, with a small amount of larger fractions.

Suitable for: ✓ Demolition wood ✓ Aluminum ✓ Scrap metal ✓ Car wrecks ✓ Paper ✓ Household waste

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Neuenhauser shredderS

From individual machine construction to mobile screening and size reduction technology, Neuenhauser offers a wide product range. One of those machines is the TARGO 3000 XD.
The TARGO 3000 XD is a universally applicable single-shaft shredder. This high-performance machine shreds waste wood, green waste, bulky waste, pallets and other materials for the benefit of cost-saving and environmentally compatible preparation.
✔ Drive: 510 HP Diesel Motor / Volvo Tier 3A constant or Tier IV final Volvo
✔ Generous access doors to the engine compartment> optimal accessibility
✔ Very energy efficient and powerful
✔ Single shaft: 3 meter long rotor with 21, 42 hammers
✔ Wheel chassis or track
✔ Diesel or electric

Suitable for: ✓ BioMassa ✓ Waste wood ✓ Commercial waste ✓ Green waste

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Morbark Tub grinders

The Morbark Tub Grinders are ideal for processing waste materials into salable products. The Tub Grinders are equipped with the Morbark Integrated Control System (MICS) that allows you to control and adjust the important functions of the Tub. The hammer mill is laser cut, balanced and equipped with forged hammers for unsurpassed durability and optimal operation. The Tub Grinders are equipped with at least 2 hydraulic jacks under the hammer mill for a quick removal of the material to be processed. These augers remain powered even during material peaks to prevent blockages. The strongly constructed screen decks are available in different sizes, so different fractions can be produced. The tilting tub provides easy access to the screen deck and counter blade. Just like the bottom wear plates, these are replaceable and make maintenance of the machine very quick and easy.

Bano shredderS

Bano a renowned brand, especially known in metal recycling.

Bano offers possibilities for shredding the most diverse materials such as metals, plastics, rubber or paper.
Stationary applications as well as mobile applications are offered.

✔ 510 Diesel Motor / Volvo Tier 3A constant of Tier IV final Volvo / John Deere
✔ Single-shaft and two-shaft shredders, vertical hammer mills
✔ High-quality components ensure low maintenance costs
✔ Turn key solutions
✔ Complete lines from reduction to separation


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